Jewellery is an incredibly beautiful art form – due mainly to the materials that create it being formed in nature – and there is nothing more beautiful or important than nature.


From the beginning of history, humans have adorned themselves with jewel like objects and in recent history, have used precious materials to convey love, worth and sentiment.


So why then is the sourcing of these materials so often riddled with pain, danger and destruction?


To create something of beauty, Anna believes that it must be crafted from materials that have a beneficial supply chain – making it beautiful for all involved and therefore sharing a journey of knowledge and empowerment.



While all of Anna’s diamond suppliers adhere to the Kimberly Certification Process, due to flaws that have developed in this system, Anna now seeks additional verification of diamond provenance and therefore, where possible, sources diamonds from the Jeweltree Foundation or asks for additional proof of origin from supplier.


Coloured stones

Anna sources all coloured stones from independent, reputable suppliers with whom she has developed a trusted, professional relationship. However, at the time of writing, Anna can only guarantee the origin of some of the semi precious gems she uses. This is an area of constant research.


As such she is always glad to hear of traceable sources of semi precious gems – particularly calibrated, lower value stones.


Precious metals

Anna uses certified Fairtrade gold and silver as standard in all of her stock pieces – although some speculative bespoke pieces may be created from recycled metals due to the nature of workshop practice.


Fairtrade platinum and palladium are also used when available on the market however recent supply issues means that Anna must sometimes revert to recycled sources.


Likewise, the chain and findings that Anna uses are not currently made of Fairtrade metals – but - progress is being made so watch this space!


All Fairtrade pieces will bear the Fairtrade stamp next to their hallmark.


Customers’ own materials

While Anna is always willing to recycle materials from customers own heirloom pieces, with the exception of ivory and coral, she does require that all diamonds be in their original mounts before she will reuse them.


Why Fairtrade?

Often asked why Fairtrade is preferable to recycled metals, Anna is of the belief that, while recycling is a better option than taking no action, it is at best a neutral action.


Supporting the work of the Fairtrade Foundation supports positive change and has a beneficial effect on the environment and empowers the lives of the 100 million artisanal miners across the globe involved in precious metal mining.


It ensures that no contamination of local waterways takes place, all mines are operated in a sustainable way and the health and safety of the miners and their families is paramount.


Anna welcomes any discussion and questions on her ethical polices is committed to best ethical practice both as a jeweller and as a human being. As such Anna offers full disclosure on materials and sources, even when the best-case scenario materials aren’t available.


Packaging and printing

Details to follow


For further information on the topics discussed above please refer to the following pages.


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