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'To me jewellery is about tradition and ritual. The tradition stems from thousands of years of adornment, symbolism and sentiment while the ritual begins every time a piece is chosen to be worn. This is a relationship so individual that despite being age old it continues to remain unique.'


Always a collector and maker of small treasures, London based goldsmith Anna Loucah creates luxurious and unique designs inspired by world journeys and mystical imagery. Time spent working with jewellers in India, Hong Kong and Australia early on in her career fused a sense of age old tradition with Anna's bold design style.


By effortlessly weaving an intricate charm through her work, Anna creates jewellery that is an endless celebration of colorful gems, distinctive shape and amuletic strength. Placing ethical provenance at the heart of what she does, Anna is proud to be one of the UK’s first Fairtrade gold license holders and as such has seen her bespoke, ethically sourced pieces on the Hollywood Red Carpet as well as receiving numerous jewellery industry accolades and awards.

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