Journey (Us)

Firstly and most importantly, relax and enjoy...

...and then just start by thinking about the person this piece is for and ask yourself some simple questions

Would you like to include gemstones?

What about metal colour?

What is your ideal budget?

When would you like it completed by?

There are so many colourful gemstones available, each with their own unique story. Even the magnificent diamond has a multitude of hues to choose from so don’t feel limited by tradition.

Anna has a background in gemmological training and is always ready to offer advice and guidance on gemstone selection.

Metal choice
Yellow gold is loved for the richness of colour which makes it so instantly recognisable. The implication is one of historical luxury and timeless glamour. The higher the carat value, the richer the yellow colour will be.

Rose gold is enjoying an elegant resurgence and being celebrated for its feminine allure. Its beauty lies as much in its softening qualities as it does in its ability to contrast and surprise.

White gold has a much warmer tone compared than the brightness of platinum however both metals bring a strong, modern elegance, adding a contemporary edge to any design.

Platinum is the hardest wearing of all the metals mentioned here - it is also the heaviest and brightest white when polished

Budget and timeframes
...are always negotiable but please keep an open mind on both

What happens next?
We can then arrange a time and place to meet where Anna will ask a few more questions and make some preliminary sketches to get a feel for the direction to move forward with.

Refining a design from a smorgasbord of ideas is one of Anna’s specialities, as is teasing out an idea from the most simple brief. If you are unable to visit in person then don’t worry, Anna has plenty of experience in communicating design ideas virtually.

Anna will then need a few days to put together a more complete selection of drawn designs to be presented to you and, once agreed upon, Anna will then calculate a cost for your choice and ask for a 50% deposit to begin making your piece.

Ordinarily four weeks are required for the making process but each journey is different and Anna will personally keep you updated on progress.

And finally Anna will contact you to arrange final payment followed by either collection or delivery.

Then all you have to do is watch that glorious expression on your loved one’s face as they open the box for the first time ….. Ta Dah!

A more detailed discussion on the commission process can be downloaded here

If you don’t know the ring size of your intended and want it to be a surprise then download this ring size chart and use it as a guide. Don’t worry too much – adjustments and resizing can be made afterwards to ensure the perfect fit.

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