Journey (Me)

Bespoke jewellery is Anna’s speciality and the field where her creative passion takes full flight.

Its very much a collaborative process and often, all Anna needs to do is tease out an idea that you have been mulling over for years and create that light bulb moment that brings it all to life.

Be warned though – commissioning jewellery is highly addictive!

If you are considering having a special piece made then how about calling into Anna’s studio for a cup of tea and a chat?

There you can find inspiration by looking through her portfolio or flick through her library of dazzling jewellery books.

If you can’t make it in person then a telephone conversation or email exchange will do the trick.

Please feel free to provide images that inspire you and also, give some thought to the following ideas.

1. Do you have some old jewellery with sentimental value that you would like remodelling or simply scraped against the final cost of a new piece?

2. Is there a non-jewellery memento that you would like mounting or transforming into a wearable treasure?

3. Have a think about budget and timeframe.

4. Do you feel drawn to a particular gemstone or colour? There are so many beautiful gemstones available, each with their own unique story. Anna has a background in gemmological training and is always ready to offer advice and guidance on gemstone selection.

When you are ready for an initial discussion, Anna will help clarify things by sketching out a few ideas for you to respond to. Then, after further discussion, she will require a few days to put together a more complete selection of designs to be presented to you for consideration.

Once agreed upon, Anna will then calculate a cost for your choice and ask for a 50% deposit to begin making your piece.

Ordinarily four weeks are required for the making process but there may be occasion for you to view the development of the design and perhaps approve a silver model – each journey is different and Anna will personally keep you updated on progress.

And finally Anna will contact you to arrange final payment followed by either collection or delivery of your handcrafted unique piece of jewellery.

Wear and enjoy!

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