'Throughout history and across the globe, jewellery has been worn for its amuletic properties.

A fascination with the power and tradition of jewellery has always been at the heart of my work and in recognition of this I am endeavouring to create a collection exploring those symbols most personal to us all.'

Pisces 'Constellation amulet

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Pisces: 19th February – March 20th


Birthstone: Aquamarine – stone of calm and purification


Strengths: Compassionate, adventurous, fluid, esoteric, creative, sensitive, gentle, enlightened, romantic


Weaknesses: goes off topic mid-sentence 

Pisces likes: solitude, relaxation, music, love, visual arts, being surrounded by water, spirituality


Pisces dislikes: Cruelty and betrayal, close mindedness, being judged, looking back


Handmade to Order

Due to a unique creation process, each amulet is a one of a kind piece and requires 2-3 weeks for delivery.


Should you have your own personal design in mind and can't see it here - just get in touch to discuss having your idea turned into gold!

Contact Anna

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