Bespoke Inspiration

‘Commissioning a piece of jewellery is a highly personal experience. From initial consultation to presenting the completed piece, each journey has its own special story. My aim when working in this way is to make the initial steps into design consideration just as exciting and intriguing as the moment when you try on your finished piece for the very first time.’

Anna Loucah

Cocktail rings

‘A cocktail ring is always such a joy to create – it’s almost like building a piece of wearable sculpture.

This piece was commissioned as a family project to be a surprise gift for a special birthday.

The brief was to create a one of a kind ‘celebration’ of their mothers passion for orchids.

Using a fully traceable amethyst, 18ct Fairtrade gold and recycled platinum, we created a stunningly unique piece that is destined to be a future heirloom.’


‘For this piece, my customer came to me wishing to commission a necklace for his wife to celebrate a special anniversary.

As newly weds, they spent time living in Asia – especially India – and so my client wished to reflect this in the design of the piece. He also wanted to incorporate a pearl that had been in his family for many years.

Drawing inspiration from Indian architecture and embellishment, I created an intricate yet powerful piece from 18ct Fairtrade yellow gold and used Indian emeralds to frame the beautiful pearl at its center.

A stunning piece that holds a unique story.’


‘Wedding day jewellery isn’t just about the rings – it’s also provides a perfect opportunity to bring sparkle in other ways.

These platinum and diamond earrings where commissioned by the bride as a gift to herself with the brief being to represent a new, ‘lighter and brighter’ phase of her life.

It was a real pleasure working directly with the client on such a special and symbolic project.’


“This piece is truly the definition of heart felt emotion and treasured sentiment.

The client asked me for ideas to incorporate sand from a Moroccan first date with the birthstones of the children the couple now have.

I drew on the ornate perfume bottles of the North African Berbers as inspiration for the perfect vessel.

The result is a celebration of journeys and time and an opulent representation of a shared history.”

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CLient testimonials

I promise you - Anna is a genius! Her skills are incredible. She makes and designs each piece herself in her studio and to her, provenance and the history of materials are everything.

Livia Firth

I consider Anna to be one of Britain's most talented designers. This, coupled with her ethical commitments makes Anna one of the UK's leading ethical goldsmiths.

Greg Valerio MBE

Anna is a delight to work with and skilfully marries her design ideas with your own vision. I wholeheartedly recommend her services.

Lady Judith Thompson

I can't believe how many compliments I have had on my beautiful ring! Anna is a professional and great to work with and I am happy to wholeheartedly recommend her.

Joanne Cherrie

Anna was absolutely fantastic to work with. The finished ring is really unique and beautiful, and my fiancee and I both love it!

Daniel Hellar

Anna made a beautiful emerald, diamond and gold ring for me - I’m extremely happy with her service and would highly recommend her!

Emily Hale

It has been a real pleasure through both the design and production stages. Your commitment, enthusiasm and understanding has been superb. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you!

Matthew Richards

The work, commitment and attention to detail that Anna put into our ring was second to none. From start to finish she made it all so easy and enjoyable - thank you Anna!

Malcolm Benson