Whats my ring size?

• September 18, 2022

Finding a ring size can be a bit of a tricky business – especially if you are doing it incognito!

But don’t worry – help is at hand with my handy downloadable ring sizer! This should make determining your own size a fairly straight forward process – but, when you have a slightly more furtive reason to find a ring size, things start becoming a little more delicate.

So – where to start?

A good place would be to have a little look at any other rings that your intended might wear and make a note of which finger they are usually worn on. Then, with a bit of experienced estimation we should be able to make a pretty accurate prediction of what the size of another finger might be.

Alternatively – can you enlist the help of a couple of friends? Casually instigating a ring swapping session over a glass of wine could be quite enlightening – you just need to bring in some willing accomplices who can keep a secret!

And – if all else fails – then please don’t worry – we can easily get things adjusted once the ring is with its new owner!

I offer a free UK based resizing service for the first 6 months after purchase guaranteeing we will get there in the end!

Deciding for yourself

If you are trying to gauge your own ring size then please don’t hesitate in getting in touch and I will post you one of my specially designed FSC cardboard ring sizer in the post to you, free of charge!

Using this will give you the opportunity to try a variety of sizes and decide which feels the most comfortable on your finger.

A couple of things to bear in mind are

  • Make sure you use it at room temperature
  • Bear in mind the width of the ring that you are considering ordering. A thicker ring will require a slightly larger ring size to allow it to get over your knuckle
  • In terms of the fit itself, you should feel a bit of resistance in getting it over your knuckle so don’t worry if it’s a bit of a struggle at that point – that’s your security line!
  • If in doubt then opt for the slightly smaller size as rings are generally easier to make larger than they are to make smaller
  • And finally – if all else fails, try nipping into your local high street jewellers and asking them to measure for you. It’s a really straight forward process and will give you the most accurate measurement.

Good luck – and of course, feel free to get in touch with me and I will do everything I can to assist you further.