Bespoke Wedding & Engagement

‘I have always felt that playing a part in a couple’s unique celebration is one of the greatest joys of my work. I believe creating precious symbols of love to be treasured forever is a kind of magic that lives at the very heart of what I do. However you wish to display your commitment to one another, why not get in touch and arrange an informal consultation? Together we can create your one of a kind piece of jewellery and with it, the beginning of a very special story’

Anna Loucah


1. ‘Cluster’ rings – learn more
  • stones set closely together around a centre stone
  • great way of emphasising its dimensions and forming a distinctive shape
  • use to create the illusion of a large centre stone

For more information on setting styles take a look at my introductory guide here

Anna Loucah is a great artist and dedicated craftswoman. From conception to completion, she was always available, and the communication with her was easy and fluent.”  

Guillermo del Rivero Dehesa

2. ‘Fancy’ cut gems – learn more
  • the term ‘fancy’ is generally used to describe any stone that isn’t round or ‘brilliant cut’
  • soft and geometric shapes which can bring a more sculptural design
  • geometric stones offer elegant and mirror-like symmetrical planes

For more information on setting styles take a look at my introductory guide here

3. Asymmetric design – learn more
  • popular with more organic and ethereal styles
  • excellent way of framing a centre stone
  • provide exciting opportunities for a uniquely shaped wedding band

“It was important to my wife and I that the people who mined the gold and stones for our rings were paid fairly and worked in safe conditions. Anna had been recommended to me as one of the best Fairtrade designers to work with and she absolutely lived up to expectations!”

Matthew Bates
4. Coloured stones – learn more
  • great way to add an eye-catching feature to an engagement ring
  • add a twist to a more classic style or bring elegance to a bolder design
  • don’t forget gold comes in a range of colours too!

For guidance on the wide range of ethically sourced, coloured gemstones that are available, just get in touch.

5. ‘Lab grown’ diamonds – learn more
  • increasingly popular with those seeking an alternative to mined diamonds for reasons of both ethics and cost
  • chemically, structurally, and optically identical to natural diamonds

To discuss the option of using a lab grown diamond in your ring please get in touch. 

“I can’t believe how many compliments I have had on my beautiful ring! Anna is a professional and great to work with and I wholeheartedly recommend her.”

Joanne Cherrie
6. The ‘Solitaire’ – learn more
  • an eternal classic
  • brings the main focus to the gemstone
  • unique touches can be added by details such as a careful choice of setting and metal

For more information on setting styles take a look at my introductory guide here

7. Remake and remodel – learn more
  • great way of keeping memories that are attached to family heirlooms
  • provides options around cost, sentiment and ethics through recycling
  • perfect for creating a future heirloom of your own!

Please refer to my re-modelling service for more details

“We both had a lot of fun through the design process with Anna. Nothing was too much trouble. Sophie’s rings are exquisite, totally unique works of art. We couldn’t be happier, and have recommended her to all our friends!”

James Goldsmith
8. Stack rings – learn more
  • provides opportunity to create a constantly growing and unique collection
  • perfect for celebrating life’s important dates and occasions
  • allow for creativity and variety
9. The ‘Gypsy’ ring – learn more
  • chunky shape and bold use of precious metal
  • ideal for those looking for one standalone statement ring
  • smooth form and unfussy setting style offer a practical addition to a busy lifestyle

“Anna truly put us at ease and played a wonderful part in our wedding experience. I thought I knew what I wanted for my ring but she opened my eyes to other possibilities. We are incredibly happy with the final result, all the more so in the knowledge that materials are ethically sourced and benefit a local community. Thanks Anna!”

Alexis Parks
10. ‘Halo’ setting – learn more
  • neat placement of multiple same sized gemstones following line of the centre stone
  • can make the centre stone appear larger and introduce an element of sparkle to opaque stones.
  • option to experiment with contrasting gems or metal types

Anna is a specialist in bespoke jewellery and personally creates all unique pieces in her central London studio. She combines traditional goldsmithing techniques with artistic flair and uses her gemmological training to hand select gemstones and provide expert advice on materials.

Always available should you wish to contact her, Anna will guide you through your design journey, ensuring that the experience is as pleasurable and enchanting as it deserves to be. 

THE Bespoke Process:


This first step presents the perfect opportunity to discuss inspiration, costing and intention. Scheduled to fit perfectly with your calender, we arrange an initial, no commitment consultation. Whether it be in person, via email or by a virtual appointment, the most important thing is that this is a relaxing and magical experience from beginning to end.


Once cost and concept have been agreed you will receive the first glimpse of what is possible – a selection of hand drawn designs presented for your consideration. At this stage you will also be enticed by a selection of hand picked gemstones and advised on options and possibilities.


After ensuring complete satisfaction with your choice, work begins on bringing your dream jewellery to life…during this stage you will receive regular updates and be made to feel comfortable about getting in touch at any time with questions or queries.


With all steps conducted either remotely or in person, 4 – 6 weeks is all that is needed for your completed piece to be ready for collection! Are you ready for that magic moment?

Arrange A Consultation

Arrange an in-person or online consultation with Anna to discuss design inspiration, costings and intention.

CLient testimonials

I promise you - Anna is a genius! Her skills are incredible. She makes and designs each piece herself in her studio and to her, provenance and the history of materials are everything.

Livia Firth

I consider Anna to be one of Britain's most talented designers. This, coupled with her ethical commitments makes Anna one of the UK's leading ethical goldsmiths.

Greg Valerio MBE

Anna is a delight to work with and skilfully marries her design ideas with your own vision. I wholeheartedly recommend her services.

Lady Judith Thompson

I can't believe how many compliments I have had on my beautiful ring! Anna is a professional and great to work with and I am happy to wholeheartedly recommend her.

Joanne Cherrie

Anna was absolutely fantastic to work with. The finished ring is really unique and beautiful, and my fiancee and I both love it!

Daniel Hellar

Anna made a beautiful emerald, diamond and gold ring for me - I’m extremely happy with her service and would highly recommend her!

Emily Hale

It has been a real pleasure through both the design and production stages. Your commitment, enthusiasm and understanding has been superb. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you!

Matthew Richards

The work, commitment and attention to detail that Anna put into our ring was second to none. From start to finish she made it all so easy and enjoyable - thank you Anna!

Malcolm Benson