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Fair Luxury Pledge

As a founding member of industry action group ‘Fair Luxury‘ it is amazing to have worked so closely with the rest of the FL team in creating and implementing the ‘Pledge’ initiative. We have seen it go from strength to strength over the last 12 months. We are delighted to have new ‘pledgee’s’ joining all … Read more

Whats my ring size?

Finding a ring size can be a bit of a tricky business – especially if you are doing it incognito! But don’t worry – help is at hand with my handy downloadable ring sizer! This should make determining your own size a fairly straight forward process – but, when you have a slightly more furtive … Read more

Interview with Orsola de Castro

Q: Have you shared the stories behind each piece with your own children?I do for the special pieces but a lot of my pieces don’t necessarily have a specific story to them but I think that there is also something chemical about jewellery – it sits on your body and so it absorbs your energy … Read more

Interview with Ute Decker

Q: Do you have a single piece of jewellery you wear all the time?A: I wear my ring all the time – it lives on my hand – on occasion that I forget it I feel totally naked. I wear other jewellery depending on where I’m going and what I’m doing but this piece, she … Read more

Interview with Katie Rose Whiting

I have a really beautiful locket which says ‘in memory of’ on the front and then when you open it up it’s got an old photograph in there – I don’t know who the man is but I wonder about his life and who wore the locket before me. I was very drawn to it … Read more

Do you know your birthstone?

Each month has its own significant birthstone attached to it – why not wear yours for added luck, fortune and serendipity? Here’s a few examples and brief explorations – along with piece’s I have made using each of those special stones!

Gemstone LOVE!

I love love LOVE gemstones! They bring a myriad of colour, depth and personality to any piece of jewellery that they grace. Its impossible to pick a favourite but here I shall endeavour to compile an ever growing list of some of those natural beauties – along with their own unique qualities, origins and significance. … Read more

Interview with Kathryn Bishop

Those are probably the first piece of jewellery I really looked at and questioned and Mum explained that her and my dad bought them for each other shortly after they’d first met to mark the Queen’s Silver Jubilee in 1977. Years later I started working at a jewellers and searched for a chain for them … Read more