Thank  you for supporting UK designers and small businesses.

With such an unusual year now behind us let us look forward to the gift of sharing with those we cherish. We all have a jewellery lover in our lives, and whether we are together or not we can still celebrate that bond with a piece of handmade, ethically sourced jewellery.

What can I buy for £300?

I realise that these are tricky times for many, but we could all still do with a special something every now and again. To reflect this I am lowering my minimum commission rate to just £300. This will ensure that whoever is the recipient of your beautifully packaged gift card will be able to have a piece of jewellery created just for them with no need to add any additional money themselves unless they so choose.

The full bespoke experience still applies - from initial consultation to satisfaction guaranteed!

All in just two simple steps.....

1. complete and submit the gift form below

2. select your desired amount and go to checkout 

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A few small T's and C's

More than one gift card can be used per purchase


Gift card and purchase values can be increased by any amount, however, I am unable to offer any financial remuneration on a card's value. 

£300 minimum commission value applies to gift card purchases only.