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Conversations and ideas across the wonderful world of jewellery.

Gemstone LOVE!

I love love LOVE gemstones! They bring a myriad of colour, depth and personality to any piece of jewellery that they grace. Its impossible to pick a favourite but here I shall endeavour to compile an ever growing list of some of those natural beauties – along with their own unique qualities, origins and significance. … Read more

Interview with Kathryn Bishop

Those are probably the first piece of jewellery I really looked at and questioned and Mum explained that her and my dad bought them for each other shortly after they’d first met to mark the Queen’s Silver Jubilee in 1977. Years later I started working at a jewellers and searched for a chain for them … Read more

Interview with Paola Totaro

Q: What does jewellery mean to you?A: For me, every bit of jewellery tells a story. It’s not about the brand, or having an iconic piece by a great jeweller, but more about who it belonged to – the sentiment and memory that it carries. Jewellery is about telling stories and having connections with people … Read more

Interview with Martine Parry

Q: Do you know anything about the origin of the ring? A: It came from a standard high street jeweller in Croydon… which makes it even more unromantic! I don’t know anything about it’s traceability. I know that it’s definitely not attached to Fairtrade, which is why I’ve never tried to find out more about it’s … Read more

Interview with Sian Evans

Q: What is it that fascinates you about the history of jewellery most?A: We as humans have developed a certain sense of self, and with that, a sense of belonging. For example, being part of a family or tribe gives you a sense of unity and archaeologists believe that when particular tribes started to dress … Read more

The Jewellery Diaries

The findings will be carefully collated into an Instagram account and a blog here on our website, and the stories you share will ultimately provide inspiration for a truly unique jewellery collection, designed by Anna, based upon your tales, memories, and special jewellery journeys! Participants will also be in with the chance of designing their … Read more