Jewellery Journal

Conversations and ideas across the wonderful world of jewellery.

Interview with Paola Totaro

Q: What does jewellery mean to you?A: For me, every bit of jewellery tells a story. It’s not about the brand, or having an iconic piece by a great jeweller, but more about who it belonged to – the sentiment and memory that it carries. Jewellery is about telling stories and having connections with people … Read more

Interview with Martine Parry

Q: Do you know anything about the origin of the ring? A: It came from a standard high street jeweller in Croydon… which makes it even more unromantic! I don’t know anything about it’s traceability. I know that it’s definitely not attached to Fairtrade, which is why I’ve never tried to find out more about it’s … Read more

Interview with Sian Evans

Q: What is it that fascinates you about the history of jewellery most?A: We as humans have developed a certain sense of self, and with that, a sense of belonging. For example, being part of a family or tribe gives you a sense of unity and archaeologists believe that when particular tribes started to dress … Read more

The Jewellery Diaries

The findings will be carefully collated into an Instagram account and a blog here on our website, and the stories you share will ultimately provide inspiration for a truly unique jewellery collection, designed by Anna, based upon your tales, memories, and special jewellery journeys! Participants will also be in with the chance of designing their … Read more